The RFDesign TXMOD is an all-in-one long-range telemetry data and RC control system.

 Note: The TXMOD works with X and UX modems only.

 The TXMOD V2 release supports SPORT telemetry data from the vehicle back to the RC transmitter unit.

Designed to work in conjunction with any Radio Controller capable of accepting JR Transmitter Modules, the RFD TX Module can transmit the PPM stream from the controller to the vehicle via the RFD900X long range telemetry modem while also receiving telemetry data received from the aircraft.

The module has a  built in WiFi link which allows for simple webpage-based configuration and broadcasting of telemetry data to a computer or smart device. It provides a bridge between the RC transmitter and aircraft while carrying RC PPM data and MAVLink telemetry streams at the same time.

Key Features:

Long range using RFD900x telemetry modem


Wide range 5-18V input supply

Optimised for use with MAVLink/Mission Planner.

TXMod Documentation


RFD DIN-IO –  an easy to use industrial telemetry and electrically isolated Input / Output device with 2 Fully Isolated Digital Inputs and 2 Fully Isolated Clean contact output relays. 

The DIN-IO allows bi-directional telemetry and data communications between a pair of devices. Each device interfaces with a completely isolated RS485 / RS422 port (depending on the user configuration). The isolated RS422 port makes the RFD DIN Rail IO a great choice for use in noisy and industrial environments. 

Key Features:

  • Secure, encrypted over the air communications 
  • 9-32V (DC) input voltage range 
  • 2 opto-Isolated digital inputs 
  • 2 clean contact isolated relay outputs 
  • Fully isolated RS485/RS422 serial interface with switchable termination for Use In Noisy & Industrial Environments  
  • Simple one-button pairing sequence 
  • Compact DIN rail mounted enclosure 
  • Industrial temperature range (-20C to +60C) 
  • Modbus Capable RS485 Expansion 
  • 8x Status LEDS 
  • Slim profile (101 x 22.5 x 120mm) 
  • Bi-directional Long-Range Radio Link RFD Radios  
  • Simple One-Button Pairing Sequence  

RF Features

  • Bi-directional Radio link using RFD proven modem modules
  • License- free 900MHz ISM Radio Band 
  • RF transmit power up to 30dBm providing support for long range connection
  • Dual antenna ports with diversity support 
  • High performing receiver sensitivity (112dBm) 
  • Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum for interference resilience


  • Remote Control and Monitoring Systems 
  • Wireless RS485/422 bus extension 
  • Industrial Control Systems 
  • Factory Automation 
  • Cable replacement for existing equipment 
  • Building Automation 
  • Wireless Alarms and Security Systems 


The RFD DIN IO will require antennae and co-axial cable 

Components to suit the installation. The following accessories are available from RF Design; 

  • RPSMA to N bulkhead male ‘tail’ 
  • RPSMA Extension Cables 
  • 3dB/6dB indoor whip antennas 
  • 5dB collinear outdoor antenna 
  • 6dB Omni-directional outdoor antenna 

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Do you have questions?
Call or visit us.

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